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Nowadays, where everything seems boringly the same and without personality, it's not easy to stand out from the crowd and have your own voice. Or rather, it's not easy to make yourself heard without having to shout.

Deciding to swim against the current and silently find your own language might be intimidating and appear complex. Yet, if we search for this voice within rather than emulate what's already out there, the outcome is bound to be unique, personal, and incomparable.

Caffè Vescovi-18765_web.jpg

Caffè Vescovi, 2022

Imagine a set of elements that coexist harmoniously. Color, form, line, shape, space and texture interact organically with each other, following that fluid movement that gives life to everything. A subtle balance, always in tension between the use of rules and pure intuition. A timeless dance that escapes the obvious.

Having a personal vision of the world allows you to breathe new life into even mondane everyday objects, helping the viewer to grasp details and hidden meanings. In this process of exploration, the subject is encouraged to extend its beauty beyond its boundaries.

still life is the key.png

The poet Elizabeth Bishop said that "We live in a huge, noisy and glittering world and now we are addicted to the gigantic".

An organic and minimal aesthetic allows to fight chaos and slow down. As in a sort of meditation, emptiness prevails, the superfluous slips away and what is truly important finds its balance. Still Life in particular is the perfect technique for creating silent images, small works of art that speak of intimate and discreet details that we can only discover by listening.


Evi Radoes Ceramics, 2023


Perfection is not the key, looking instead for that fleeting moment when everything is aligned makes the difference. An unusual attitude that causes the viewer to slow down and get lost in observing, in order to take something away with her/him.

Each object is unique and has its own energy and I reveal it with the help of natural light.


Working with natural light is a slow and certainly not pragmatic process. It requires total openness to constant changes and is an endless source of inspiration.


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