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High resolution PDF file.

32 pages.

Photographing in natural light can be as beautiful as frustrating. The sudden changes in intensity and color certainly don't make things easy. Among the pages of “The poetry of light” you will find all the tips and tricks I have learned over the years, I will help you to empathize with light and take wonderful dark/moody photos.

This tutorial is recommended if:

- you already have familiarity with your camera
- you want to create beautiful shots in a "dark mood" style
- you deal with food photography, still life or you want to 

   photograph your creations
- you want to become more confident in the use of natural light

In this 31-page path you will be able to explore different topics, such as choosing the right light based on your subject, using backdrops and reflectors, preferring one white balance over another. All accompanied by many photos that will give you a hand in understanding the various topics.

Topics covered:

- Necessary equipment
- Light sources: lateral | back | direct | indirect light
- Behind the scenes
- Backdrops | Reflectors
- On site shooting tips
- White balance
- Raw format
- Exposure


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