The mood board is a very important component for every brand.

With it, in fact, all the elements that will help you to send your message are analyzed in detail.
It is essentially a visual narrative that will guide you throughout the creative journey, aimed at organizing and clarifying every aspect of your idea.

Deciding to create a brand from scratch or make the restyling of an existing one, without the aid of a mood board, is as dangerous as it is unproductive.
In fact, it is essential to focus on the concept you have in mind and will help you whenever you feel that you are leaving the path.

Creating a mood board requires a lot of energy and expertise.
Let me help you!

Moodboard Mockup.jpg

This is the research I did to create the look of my website.
I looked for the colors that most reflected my soul and that would help me to convey the message of love and respect to Mother Earth. I let myself be inspired by the sinuous textures, cozy shadows, the balance and the essentiality found in nature.


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